• Pro for Teams

  • How does it work?

    After having started a Pro for Teams subscription, you sign in (with Sign in with Apple) to manage your team. You can invite and remove team members, and assign your available licenses to the team members. When you invite a team member they get an invitation email containing an invitation link. After downloading the app, opening the invitation link, and signing in (again, with Sign in with Apple) they can join the team and start using the Pro features.

  • Someone I invited did not receive an invitation email

    In the team administion view, secondary click (control-click) on the team member and select “Copy Invitation Link”. Then paste and give this link to the invited person. Note that an invitation link is personal — any given link can only be used to join the team once.

  • Do I need to be constantly connected to the internet to use my Pro for Teams license?

    No, the app only needs to connect to the Pro for Teams service approximately once every 7 days to verify your team membership. The app will alert to warn you when it hasn't been able to establish a connection to the service for some time.

  • Privacy

  • Does the app send any analytics data?

    No, the app does not use any analytics service. Your data stays with you. Hence when you are working on your next top-secret app, you can rest assured that we do not know about it. For more details see our Privacy Policy. Note that Apple may be sharing some anonymized analytics information with us depending on your macOS system preferences.