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  • Analyze, review, and edit your app translations with Loca Studio

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    Automatic QA checks
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    Powerful search and filter
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    Merge and diff translations
  • Integrates into your existing workflow

  • Work on a whole folder of Xcode Localization Catalog or XLIFF files. No internet access required.
  • Take your translations to the next level

Automatic QA checks detect common mistakes

  • Invalid or mismatching format string placeholders, including in plural rules

  • Terminology Check. A multilingual glossary of the most commonly used iOS terms is included

  • Translations that may be in the wrong language

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Merge Updates from a copy of the translation files

See a character-level diff of what changed in each translation unit. Quickly apply a filter to view the translations that were updated and have a detected QA issue.

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Extract translations from an Excel spreadsheet

  • Loca Extract, an included app, helps you extract translations from a spreadsheet.

  • Drag and drop to merge the extracted translations into an open document in Loca Studio.

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Loca Studio is available for macOS

The editor is free to use. There are no ads and no analytics data collection. An in-app purchase unlocks the Pro features, which includes the automatic QA checks and Merge Update. There is a 30 day free trial of Pro.

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